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Our Client Testimonials

Results and Client Testimonials Tell Our Story:

When I walked into Tim Van Ronzelen’ s office needing help I had no idea the journey we would take. My case ended up not being as straight forward as originally thought. However, that did not stop Tim from charging forward. I do not think anyone else could have handled all the curve balls as seamlessly as he did. I was updated at every turn, when options were presented to me, it was truly my choice when choosing a route. Everything was explained to me clearly and concise. I never was confused or left out. His response time was amazing when I had questions or concerns. The same is said for his entire team that worked with me. Everyone around him is just as professional, friendly and considerate. Tim is truly an attorney who works with the best interest of his clients.

N.T. - Former Employment Law Client

I can't imagine going through what we went through without the legal assistance of Tim Van Ronzelen. He was outstanding. We can't say enough about the caring attitude he showed towards us. We always felt he had our best interests at heart. His knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in the way he handled our case was far beyond what we had ever expected. For anyone seeking legal services, we would highly recommend Tim Van Ronzelen

Personal Injury Client

At a time when you're most vulnerable some insurance companies want to settle your case for less than you deserve. I am so thankful that during this time I hired Josh Moore and Tim Van Ronzelen to manage my case. Upon meeting them I immediately felt comfortable discussing the details of why I needed their assistance. They showed much compassion to me and my family during this difficult time. Mr. Moore and Mr. Van Ronzelen were knowledgeable of the law and used excellent judgment in how to proceed to a positive outcome. My family and I are indebted to them for not only winning my case, but in obtaining a settlement larger than anticipated.

B.I. - Car Crash Client

We were having issues communicating and coming to an agreement with the insurance company on a claim. We knew the insurance company was being unfair to us, so we called Tim Van Ronzelen and asked for his advice. He was able to communicate with the insurance company and get us a fair deal on our loss. Tim was very prompt and professional, and his dedication got us our results. We are forever grateful for his assistance with this matter.

S. B. - Insurance Dispute

Working with Josh was a very positive experience despite a challenging experience of getting tenants to vacant the rental property. Josh was great to work with.

N.R. - Real Estate Client

As my business grew, I realized the need for someone to serve as Legal Counsel. A friend referred me to Tim Van Ronzelen because he felt Tim was the "real deal"..... my friend was right. While the cliche' "lawyers are a dime a dozen" may be applicable to some.... it's certainly not the case with Tim and his Associates. His moral character, critical thinking and knowledge will impress and produce the best outcome possible for your individual situation. While he has many clients, he treats you as though you are his only concern and is attentive to your needs as a person.. Bottom line: I trust Tim and his team with many business and personal decisions and he has earned the right to be considered an intricate part of my team. If you have need of legal counsel, give Tim a call and you will realize he is not a part of the "dime a dozen" lawyer group. He's in the league of professional people who care and work hard to help you through your needs. He's a "winner"!

K. S. - President/CEO of Local Business – Business Litigation client

If you're looking for average...Tim's not your guy. If you're looking for knowledge, integrity, and good character....Give him a call.

Personal Injury Client

I will never use any attorney EXCEPT Tim Van Ronzelen. He is the best I have ever seen in his field. The qualities that stand out to me are several. Number one is trust. He is a credit to his profession. If you call Tim he will get back to you shortly. He will be completely honest with you if he can help, he will, and does a great job. If he can't do the job you need, he'll refer you to a professional that can help. Some attorneys will just take your money and lead you on. Tim's the BEST.

Litigation Client

This was an easy process with Tim. He took care of everything that needed done and worked with us on our costs to benefit us even more. I would recommend Tim to anyone that needs an attorney!

Personal Injury Client

Josh was my attorney when I had my accident. He was absolutely great. He did a fantastic job communicating with me. He explained every step of the way. What was going to happen. What was expected and what we should do. He was in contact with me through email, texts, and phone calls. His office is in Jefferson City, but he met me any where that was convenient for me, since I live in Columbia. I would recommend him and I would consider him MY attorney for any future help I may need.

L.H. - Car Crash Client

If you are looking for someone to represent you that is professional, has morals, and will do whatever it takes to help you with your situation Tim VanRonzelen is your man. Throughout the entire working relationship, Tim consistently communicated and would be truthful to me with my situation and always had several answers to any problems that would come up during the process. Tim was always available and made sure that I understood every conversation since legal terms can be very confusing.

Todd J. - Employment Litigation Client

Tim Van Ronzelen was my attorney during the litigation of my parents' estate. He clearly explained the terms of their trust and helped me to carry out my parents' final wishes. He is very professional and always had time to answer any of my questions. If you need an attorney, I highly recommend Mr. Van Ronzelen. He is one of the best.

Peggy L. - Estate Litigation Client

Josh is great to work with. He explains all sides of the situation pros and cons of each decision that has to be made and in simple terms.”

M.D. - Real Estate Client

Several years ago, a trusted friend suggested Tim Van Ronzelen as the attorney she would highly recommend representing our family in the wrongful death of a beloved family member. It was apparent from our first meeting to the resolution of our action that Tim was, without question, the right choice. Tim’s legal expertise, personal ethics, patient endurance, and wise counsel proved indispensable to the successful outcome he achieved for our family. He remains the person upon whom we call when in need of legal advice; and, as was the case previously, he continues to prove himself worthy of that trust. I would highly recommend without any reservation Tim Van Ronzelen to any individual or family in need of legal support, and knowing Tim, can with confidence equally recommend by his association the firm of CLEMENT, VAN RONZELEN & SCHULTE.

GM - Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Client

Josh and his team provide excellent communication! They handle many of our real estate legal matters quickly and efficiently. We have been very pleased with how well they keep us informed and updated.

N.P. - Real Estate Client

After being in a car accident, I wasn’t sure how to deal with the other party’s insurance company and everything else that was coming my way. I felt pressured to sign their medical waiver requesting access to my entire medical history, which seemed invasive and irrelevant. I also had medical bills and missed time from work due to appointments and physical therapy. I reached out to Josh and Tim and they assured me that they would handle everything and let me be in control of the outcome as much as possible. They kept track of my medical expenses, time lost from work, the extent of my injuries, and the contact with the other party’s insurance company for me. They handled everything I could think of and more and I feel that I was very well represented and received the best settlement I could have. I would not have received the settlement I did without their expertise. They were always friendly and professional and made sure to communicate frequently. I hope to not be in this situation again, but I know if I were, I would contact them to represent me. I will never go through another automobile accident without their representation and knowledge.

H.M. - Car Crash Client

Tim represented me in a case in the past couple of years involving an injury case. I was very happy with how he handled the whole process, from the Courtroom/ hearings, interviewing witnesses as well as keeping me up on any updates along the way. He is very thorough and was clearly on my side. I would definitely use him again if need be and you won't be sorry if you were to! I don't know anyone else I would trust to handle an injury legal case than Tim. He's the only one that I refer others to in these situations!

J. H. - Slip and Fall Client

I was needing a lawyer to represent me in a case and was grateful to have found Tim Van Ronzelen. Mr. Van Ronzelen treated me with care and empathy, really listening to my needs in this sensitive matter. He took time to help me understand all the different legal terms that I was unacquainted with to ensure I understood the process. Mr. Van Ronzelen made sure I was aware and comfortable with the next steps we were taking and really had my best interest in mind the entire time. I really could not have asked for a more efficient, kind, personable and professional lawyer.

S.M. - Medical Malpractice Client

Kari Schulte provided excellent guidance and explained my case every step of the way. She kept me informed and was always available to answer my questions. She successfully negotiated with the insurance companies to ensure that my case was resolved fairly and quickly. I highly recommend her and her partners!

K.H. - Fall at Business / Dangerous Condition of Property / Injury Claim

Cole County Attorney Tim Van Ronzelen represented me after a car crash. He dealt with the insurance company and walked me through each step of the process. He got a settlement that was substantially larger than what the insurance company proposed. He was always available to talk to me and keep me updated on what he was doing. Some lawyers seem to be so hard to reach, but not Mr. Van Ronzelen. He was always available and ready to help. Mr. Van Ronzelen has represented me in several other personal matters. Just a phone call and he was ready to pursue the matter. I have always been satisfied with his assistance. I work for MADD Central Missouri as a Victim Services Specialist and if I have a question about a victim, I can reach out to him and he will give me advice. Because of his work ethic, and consideration for his clients, I refer my victims to him for help. They don’t know where to turn after an impaired driving crash and he is ready to talk to them and advise them. Mr. Van Ronzelen has also made several substantial donations to MADD to help us to continue to serve victims of impaired driving crashes for free. Several of my victims have used Mr. Van Ronzelen as their civil lawyer and I hear back from them. They are pleased with how Mr. Van Ronzelen handled their case. I would highly recommend Tim VanRonzelen.

Deby Bennett - Victim Services Specialist - Mothers Against Drunk Driving Central Mo Region

I was very happy with Mr. Van Ronzelen. I was injured at my home and he was my attorney, I received a very good settlement in a really short time. If you are looking for an experienced attorney that really has your best interest Tim Van Ronzelen is excellent!!

Sharon P. - Personal Injury Client

Although I never thought I'd need legal representation, I consider myself quite fortunate to be teamed with Josh Moore when I did. Josh helped me resolve a messy, complex situation in a very efficient and decisive manner. He was competent and responsive, but what I came to appreciate most was his honesty. Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I needed to do to get desired results; and when we disagreed, he persevered (thankfully) and was able to show me what was needed to get to resolution. Thanks Josh.

M.B. - Real Estate Client

I run across someone who needs good representation for an injury case. I would definitely use their representation again!

J.H. - Slip & Fall Client

Kari and Josh were great to work with. They helped through a process I had not dealt with before and were able to get me a settlement double of what I would have been able to get on my own. I highly recommend them!

J.P. - Truck Crash Client

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